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21-y/o M’sian Director Wins Silver At Tokyo Film Awards for Documentary on Bharatanatyam Dance Teacher

While we like to indulge in popular documentaries about larger-than-life characters on Netflix such as the booming Tiger King and the riveting Don’t F*ck With Cats, it feels like a breath of fresh air when we take a short hiatus to learn more about the people in our own country.

JUICE is no stranger to moving stories about Malaysians, especially after we interviewed the filmmakers behind the beautiful documentary, Tiptoe that chronicles the life of a plus-sized Sabahan dancer overcoming adversity in the dance industry.

Similar in that vein, recently, 21-year-old Malaysian filmmaker, Sanadtkumar Ganesan has been awarded Silver for Best Feature Documentary at the Tokyo Film Awards for his film on Bharatanatyam dance teacher, Agnesmary Selvaraj.

According to the director, “Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that anything that I ever produced would be recognised, let alone on a global stage.

“I was just a kid who…

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