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“Congrats Ain” Trends on Twitter In Celebration of Ain Husniza’s Excellent SPM Results

today17 June 2022


source: Twitter

You may remember Ain Husniza from a disturbing series of events that took place in April last year.

The student asserted that a male teacher at her Selangor school downplayed rape during a physical and health education class.

She clarified in a TikTok video that unseemly comments were made while students were talking about sexual harassment during the lecture.

Check it out, in case you missed it:

“We were talking about how there are laws that protect minors from sexual misconduct, and then he said, ‘If you want to rape somebody, rape those over 18,’” she claimed in the clip.

According to the teacher, if boys were raped, they…

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Written by: Lara Lee

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