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3 Times We Completely Missed Britney’s Cry For Help Regarding Her Conservatory

today27 June 2021


Oh, Britney. 

In her explosive virtual conservatory hearing, Spears revealed that her “abusive” legal situation has consumed control of her life for 13 long years. Some of the things she was subjected to are being overworked with no days off, not being allowed to remove the IUD from her uterus, and being forced to take medications. 

And the whole time, Spears had dropped hints regarding how she felt about being put under the conservatory by her own father, Jamie Spears. In retrospect, it’s hard to believe that we missed the signs.


1. Wearing a top with the words ‘You Don’t Own Me’ written on it


If she can’t use her voice, then she will resort to other ways of communicating her thoughts — and she did. During a performance back in 2015, Spears made a bold statement through her T-shirt, which was emblazoned with the words “You Don’t Own Me,” paired with a cap reading “BOSS.” 

At that point, she’d been a conservatee for about seven years. 


2. Her seemingly odd speech during one of her shows

In between performances, Spears seemed to imply that it was “weird” to be able to talk freely. She said, 


“Honestly, without the music and just the mic it kind of feels illegal… It feels kind of illegal with this mic in my hand. It feels so weird.”


This might allude to the irony of her only being given the freedom to use the microphone to perform, but not to amplify her own voice. 


3. Her seemingly passive behaviour during a Vegas show

Spears returned to Sin City in 2018 to announce her 2019 Dominion residency, but fans noticed she didn’t seem thrilled about getting back on stage. As seen in the live-streamed video announcement, the superstar waved to the crowd before descending a flight of stairs, signed autographs and promptly left without giving any kind of speech or verbally addressing her excited crowd of fans.


Looking back at these moments can feel distressing, now that we know the things she had gone through over the years. But the fight is not over yet! Let’s give Spears our full support in her fight over her own autonomy and freedom. 




*Cover image via Jive 

Written by: Farah Qistina

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