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Local Rapper Caprice Responds After Netizens Question His Trip To Gaza

today28 June 2021


Despite leaving Malaysia for Palestine under the cause of a humanitarian mission, netizens seemed to be displeased with Caprice’s actions of leaving the country.

The local rapper explained his move after being heavily criticized by the public. Aside from assisting Palestinians, his objective there is to also meet Malaysian students stranded in Kaherah as well as strengthen the long-term mission.



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A post shared by Caprice (@capriceofficial)


“Many have questioned my mission in Gaza. So my explanation is I’m here to provide assistance for Palestinian residents. Besides that, I’m also here to make new connections and build stronger bridges for my long-term vision for Road To Al-Aqsa 2040. I also want to meet Malaysians who were stranded in Kaherah since the pandemic began.”


Prior to this, the rapper and entrepreneur was heavily criticized after the video of him leaving Malaysia was shared on social media.




“How did he get a permit/pass to travel overseas? I got rejected to even travel to Sabah for work reasons.”



“Charity begins at home. Many are struggling here, help as much as you can especially during the pandemic. Caprice is just doing this for clout, like everything else he does.”



Caprice also stated that he could not document all of his activities due to safety reasons in the unstable country.


*Cover Image Credits: beautifulnara

Written by: Mifzal Malik

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