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Malaysian Rapper Namewee Is Sexist Towards BLACKPINK?

today3 June 2021


Local rapper Namewee is making headlines again, and this time for making sexist remarks in his latest music video, ‘You Know Who Is My Father’. No stranger to controversy, this Malaysian artist has invited wrath from BLACKPINK fans (known as Blinks). 



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A post shared by BLΛƆKPIИK (@blackpinkofficial)


In the video, a man is depicted flaunting his father’s wealth and influence, and it features Namewee surrounded by a group of women in sexy attire. Namewee uploaded the video on his Instagram account, and wrote in the caption that the moral of the song is,


“Don’t play play with rich people, they can PIAK your face anytime they want, even in the steamboat restaurant…”


Born Wee Meng Chee, this artist triggered Blinks for mentioning BLACKPINK in a derogatory manner in the song and was swarmed with angry comments pressuring him to delete the video and apologise to the South Korean girl group. 



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Instagram @nameweephoto


Instagram @nameweephoto

“Take down this video!! Apologise to Blackpink!! Stop disrespecting women!!” an Instagram user commented.

Another user warned, 


“Delete the scene where you mentioned Blackpink and apologise ASAP. We won’t spare you.”


He was also told to change his seemingly misogynistic ways by a user, who commented, 


“You have to pay for this, shameless man, learn to respect women.” 


Previously, the rapper made headlines after Persatuan Seniman Malaysia filed a police report in December regarding his film titled Babi which allegedly contained elements of racism despite the artist claiming that it was based on a true story. The film received nominations at four international film festivals, including nominations for Best Director and Best Actor in the Toronto International Film Festival and also at the Berlin International Film Festival.


*Cover image via Namewee / Scott Dudelson 

Written by: Farah Qistina

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