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You Won’t Be Able To Guess How Many Wigs Cardi B Has On For This Shoot

today2 March 2021


Cardi B is always switching up her style and when you’re as fly as she is, everything works! From pink hair to rainbow streaks, Cardi can literally rock anything.



But, the extent of her dedication for a good hair day is…well… hefty to say the least. For a recent shoot with Interview, where Cardi makes one heck of a statement on the cover of the issue, she is seen rocking gorgeous, voluminous curls. Now, even with the crazy hair masks (made with mayonnaise, no less!) she swears by, it would be difficult to achieve that level of volume without some help. So, have a look at the picture below and take a wild guess – how many wigs does Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar have on?



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Are you done guessing?



And the answer is….

“This was 6 WIGS IN ONE !!!! This was 6 wigs together,”


Sharing the process on her Instagram feed, Cardi B is seen chilling – singing and counting each additional piece of wig added – as the expert Stylez is hard at work stacking and sewing the wigs together. How she managed to sit still for so long (and under all the weight of SIX wigs) is beyond us.



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A post shared by Cardi B (@iamcardib)


No stranger to the process of wig making, Cardi knows just how much effort goes into making wigs. On an episode of her Facebook series ‘Cardi Tries’, the Bronx native was put to the task of making a wing from scratch. Using human hair, she did everything from brushing and ‘hackling’ (blending/straightening) to weaving the hair together. During the process, Cardi commented:


“Wigs are expensive. I’m really happy that the wig I made today is going to be donated.”


The wig that she “made with love” ended up going to an 11-year-old superfan named Khloe, who tearfully thanked the rapper for her new wig. How cute!


Written by: Marissa Anne

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