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We Could Have Had ‘Man Of Steel’ In The Dark Knight Universe???

today27 May 2021


Back in 2013, Zack Snyder relaunched DC’s film universe with Man of Steel, starring the handsome and glorious Henry Cavill as Superman with filmmaker Christopher Nolan among its producers and writers. Nolan was very protective of his Dark Knight trilogy, wanting to keep it separate from any spin-offs. However, when Snyder came onboard in 2010, he said that there was a possibility that Man of Steel would take place in the same universe. 


“It was not 100 per cent off the table. We did talk about it a little bit,” he said.


Fans would remember that The Dark Knight Rises concluded with John Blake, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, taking over the mantle as Batman for Bruce Wayne — who is played by Christian Bale in this universe.


“Maybe that’s why we didn’t do it,” said Snyder. “It would have been Joseph. Which could have been cool.”

But it didn’t work out that way.


“I don’t blame him.  I like that his thing doesn’t get muddied by these other touches,” said Snyder.



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For his film, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Snyder did take inspiration from The Dark Knight Returns buuut he said that doing a straight adaptation of the comics is still on his wish list. But for this one, he plans on hiring new actors and not Affleck or Cavill. 


“I think it would just be its own thing. I would do it 100 per cent Watchmen style,” said Snyder, referencing his 2009 adaptation of the graphic novel. “I don’t even think it’d be that expensive, to be honest. It’s pretty gritty.”


Snyder went on to direct Justice League but in post-production, he stepped down after the harrowing loss of his daughter, Autumn. The film fell into the hands of Joss Whedon as the newly-appointed director.


However, Snyder later got the opportunity to release his own cut earlier this year on HBO Max.


*Cover image via Warner Bros. Pictures / Warner Bros. Pictures

Written by: Farah Qistina

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