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Content Creator’s Wholesome “Prank” Goes Viral, And Netizens Love It!

today2 May 2021


Love makes the world go round!


Most of the time when you see a prank on social media, it’s harsh, disrespectful or dangerous with pranksters mostly recycling old prank tactics. Some are even scripted, possibly for safety reasons. This time around, we’re happy to see one that’s quite wholesome. During a time when there’s a lot of bad going on in the world, Twitter user @naimazharrrr shared a prank from TikTok user @mr.panda_bgm expressing his liking for it.



The 1 minute 3-second video showcases a girl strolling around the city and approaching random guys to tell them they look good/handsome. The reactions from the guys are what make people feel wholesome!



Netizens reacted well to this, saying how easy it was to make people happy.



This user suggested doing these sort of things more often, saying that it’s these kind of acts that could perhaps make someone’s day.


We’re so happy to see wholesome content being done and shared. The world needs more kindness and it really doesn’t take much. Years back, something similar was done when a photographer took photos of people before and after calling them beautiful.


It’s a clear cut difference that you can see in facial expression. We hope other content creators do something similar, or better! We need to make the world smile more often people!

*Cover image credits: Twitter @naimazharrrr / TikTok @mr.panda_bgm

Written by: Mifzal Malik

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