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“M’sia Lacks Opportunities”; Locals Share Why They’d Rather Work Overseas

today15 June 2021


Survival over patriotism?


A tweet shared by @projekhitam has sparked debate among the locals about studying and working overseas. The user questions the actions of Malaysians who study overseas using scholarships granted by Malaysia and choose to work abroad as well.



“If you study overseas, using a Malaysian scholarship, which is Malaysia’s tax money, succeed there (overseas), and then work there, if you don’t want to come back to Malaysia because working in Malaysia is no good, is it considered betrayal or not?”


Following this genuine question, the locals have voiced out their thoughts.




“If I ever have a chance overseas, I’d work there too. With Malaysia, it’s always about cable”.


‘Cable’ in this context is in reference to individuals inside a certain organization assisting someone who is requesting help or admission. They are implying that it’s easier for someone to succeed or be accepted (into a company) in Malaysia if they know someone of power from the inside, rather than for their own talents and skills.



The individual above explains that “betraying the country” is not the issue, but rather the point of being appreciated (getting paid your worth) in your own country for your talents and skills.



This Malaysian even shared their experience studying overseas.



“Studied 3 years in the UK, Geology. Sponsored by the gov under JPA. Ended up coming back to Malaysia to work at Speedmart for the first 6 months and guess who to blame? Who sponsors so much but offers no job? A waste of taxpayers money to send students abroad only to come back to Malaysia with no jobs.”


So it appears that the locals have spoken up. Do you think leaving the country for better opportunities is considered a betrayal?


*Cover Image Credits: Unsplash mkjr_
Twitter @projekhitam

Written by: Mifzal Malik

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