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Influencer Shades Malaysians Who Don’t Obey COVID SOPs And Netizens Love It

today16 May 2021


Wake up people!

When it comes to the implementation of the MCO, some support it, while others strictly reject it.

TikTok influencer @ceddyornot posted a video sharing how his engagements for his food views drastically decrease whenever he makes videos from home. Understandably enough, his viewers would rather watch him go out and review the physical restaurant. But that isn’t possible currently due to the MCO restriction.



However, he did not dismiss the importance of the lockdown. Instead, he explained to viewers why it’s important. He directly shades Malaysians who do not obey such simple SOPs such as social distancing, while showing a photo as an example in the background of Malaysians lining up to get their vaccine.


Photo via TikTok/ @ceddyornot


He continues to shade others, who flaunt their festive season visitations on their Instagram stories. He stated that he understands the importance of celebrating the festive season, as he also has his own celebrations. But he also slams those who do not obey the SOPs.

“But if you don’t observe the SOPs, the cases increase, and the government puts us on lockdown 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, you will bark again, and say the government is this and that. But you yourself contributed to this.”

He continues to rant:

“Until today, I still see people doing this (using palm) to scan their body temperature.”

Ceddy also hits back at those who shade him for going out, to which he also responds that he follows the SOPs such as wearing a mask and social distancing.


Photo via Tiktok/ @ceddyornot


He ends the video a telling Malaysians to wake up, and if there’s no reason to go out, just stay at home.

Netizens praised Ceddy for speaking up, mostly agreeing with the video:


We appreciate influencers for speaking out and educating the public on the importance of obeying SOPs. Let’s collectively do better to stop the spread of this virus!

*Cover Image Credits: TikTok @ceddyornot

Written by: Mifzal Malik

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