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Indo Horror Flick ‘Siksa Neraka’ Banned in Malaysia & Brunei

today9 January 2024


(source: Antenna Entertainments / Twitter & CINEMA 21 / YouTube)

Indonesian horror film, Siksa Neraka (Torture of Hell), has been banned in Malaysia and Brunei.

The highly anticipated film was slated for a 25 January release in Malaysia and Brunei. But according to the film’s distributor, Antenna Entertainments, the film has been banned in these two countries.

Sorry, if you were waiting

The news was announced on their social media pages with a short caption that reads, “To those who were waiting – Siksa Neraka is banned in Malaysia & Brunei.”

Antenna Entertainments hasn’t publicly revealed the reason for the ban, but due to stringent censorship laws in Malaysia and Brunei, we can only assume it has something to do with physical depictions of Hell. JUICE has…

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Written by: Danial Martinus

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