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Japanese Man Pays RM70k For A Dog Costume & We’re Not Sure If That’s Impressive Or Disturbing

today27 May 2022


A Japanese man spent more than RM70,000 on Collie costume to live like a dog. — Picture via Facebook/ Vanakkam Trichy

At a time when people spend millions of dollars to make themselves look like celebrities, a man from Japan decided to spend his fortune on something people adore – dogs.

According to reports, the man finally had his wish come true to be a four-legged canine after he got himself a custom-made dog collie costume, which cost around 2 million Yen (RM70k approx.) and took 40 days to make.

The photos were posted on Twitter by a user who goes by @toco_eevee. A professional agency called Zeppet helped design the costume. The pictures have now gone viral.

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Written by: Quinny Tan