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Netizens in Shock After M’sian Man Pays RM107 for 30 Satay Skewers

today17 March 2023



Satay has long been a beloved dish in Malaysia, but it seems that the rising costs of food items due to inflation has finally caught up to one of our nation’s classics.

A recent tweet from a young man named Adie about his shocking bill of RM107 for only 30 sticks of satay has brought attention to the impact of inflation on food prices, leaving Malaysians wondering if their favourite dishes are still affordable.

source: the Sun Daily

According to the Sun Daily, Adie’s receipt showed that he was charged for 15 chicken satays priced at RM2.90 per stick and 2 beef satays for RM3.90 each.

He asked on Twitter whether the price he paid for was standard, expensive, or cheap. The responses were overwhelmingly in agreement that it was quite an irregular price to pay for the popular dish.

However, amidst the outrage over the rising costs of satay, there were still recommendations for more affordable yet tasty…

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Written by: Syakir Roslan