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Putting the S Pen into the Galaxy Note 5 Wrong Can Damage the Phone

today27 August 2015


Inserting the S Pen the wrong way round into a Galaxy Note 5 can cause damage to the phone or the stylus.

Tech site Android PoliceΒ first reported the problem. The Note 5 puts up the same amount of resistance whether you put the S Pen into the slot the correct way round or upside down. If you do put it in upside down it can get stuck, and forcibly removing it can cause serious damage to the pen detection mechanism.

Samsung reportedly knows about this, and has advised users to closely follow the instruction manual. The pointed end of the S Pen must be inserted first to ensure it doesn’t get stuck. The company has not yet made any statement about whether something will be done about the issue on a hardware level.

The Note 5 was announced alongside the S6 Edge+ earlier this month.

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Written by: Matt Porter

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