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SEGi University Publicly Fires 2 Employees Following Alleged Misconduct, Netizens Deem The Act Vile

today8 June 2022


source: SEGi University

Last Friday (June 3), the Human Resource Department of SEGi University took to Facebook to publish two separate posts, showcasing the termination of a pair of male staff members.

Both of them are alleged to have compromised private intellectual property, among other forms of unethical misconduct.

The institution went on to explain that a police report had already been lodged against the two men and legal proceedings were expected to commence soon.

source: Facebook

The first post announced the termination of Dr. Mahadevan A/L Supramaniam, who had previously served as the director of SEGi University’s Research Innovation Management Committee.

In the post, the college stated that they will no longer be affiliated with the former employee; adding that his contract of employment was officially voided on 17 May 2022.

source: Facebook

The next one, posted within the same minute and similar in format and…

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Written by: Lara Lee