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Wait, Live Music IS Coming Back? MBPJ To Review Busking Prohibition Following Merdekarya’s Uproar

today1 March 2022


Merdekarya | Things to do in Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur

Ever since the roundabout wild goose chase for permits at Merdekarya, our beloved local gig house, news hasn’t stopped on the developments towards allowing them, and other supporting businesses in the ‘nightlife’ industry, to open up.

On 24 February, YB Maria Chin Abdullah issued a press release stating that “MBPJ has to revert on Merdekarya and allow them to operate as usual.”

Whilst netizens praised her for her intervention, it doesn’t just end there.

Time to do away with FT ministry, says local council expert | Free Malaysia Today (FMT)

Derek Fernandez, who is a prominent lawyer and local government expert, as well as MBPJ councillor, wrote, “The problem arises where busking takes place inside a pub or nightclub with an entertainment licence.

“Which directive takes priority? The problem is more unclear where indoor busking…

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Written by: Quinny Tan

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