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20 Strays Found Dead at Construction Site Marks The 2nd Mass Killing of Dogs in Ipoh This Month

today1 March 2022


(source: FB @malaysiaanimalassociation)

Just weeks ago, eight dogs were found poisoned near a row of shop lots at Lahat Mines.

Recently, theΒ Persatuan Haiwan Malaysia – Malaysia Animal Association Facebook page shared how a group of dogs were allegedly poisoned to death after the Ipoh industrial site that was keeping them decided they did not need the dogs anymore.

It is unsure as to whether the industrial site staff poisoned the dogs or if others had shown up later to poison them. Unfortunately, this marks the second mass killing of dogs in Ipoh this month.

The NGO has since called for industrial dog ownership to have stricter regulations and licensing to avoid these kinds of situations.

β€œControl of dog ownership by factories, construction sites, industrial areas and plantations need to be introduced to prevent uncontrolled breeding of dogs that end in the revenge of dog haters who end up killing these innocent…

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Written by: Karissa Lund

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