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#JOM: Pattani’s unique cultural diversity

JUST as the Lunar New Year comes to a close each year, tourists from far and wide flock to southern Thailand to honour a tragic heroine whose deep sense of filial piety and virtue became cause for devotees to worship her as a revered goddess.

today4 March 2024

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This teacher’s hands-on approach to teaching Orang Asli children unleashes the joy of learning

IN this nondescript school nestled within the dense forests of Perak’s hinterlands, every day can be far from ordinary. Here, amidst the lush wilderness, where tigers occasionally wander through the school grounds and disgruntled elephants have been known to uproot water pipes, the Orang Asli students sit in rapt attention as Cikgu Shawn Stanly Anthony Dass holds court during science class.

today3 March 2024