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23-Year-Old Indonesian Woman Dies After Consuming 11 Abortion Pills Obtained With False Prescription

today11 April 2022


source: NBC news

A 23-year-old woman from Bengkulu, Indonesia passed away after persistent complaints of nausea and an aching belly for days on end.

The family decided to investigate the mysterious death, and as a result, the police have uncovered three suspects believed to be responsible for her death.

Doni Juniansyah, a spokesman for the police and Head of the Kepiahang Crime Investigation Unit, said that one of the suspects was the victim’s 27-year-old boyfriend.

He allegedly requested two members of the hospital staff to aid him in obtaining abortion pills from the pharmacy.

The deceased had taken the pills on two separate occasions. First, she consumed five pills. When the fetus failed to be expelled, she took another six pills a week later.

She died merely days after being rushed to the hospital in severe pain.

All three suspects are currently detained.

In Malaysia, even safe medical abortion procedures are not…

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Written by: Lara Lee