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29 y/o Delivery Man Breaks Down in Court After Being Sentenced to Death for Trafficking Cannabis

today8 September 2021


Penghantar barang menangis dihukum gantung sampai mati
source: Sinar Harian

Remember when we reported that Padang Besar MP Zahidi Zainul Abidin has been lobbying for the legalisation of hemp and ketum while Pahang Princess Tengku Chanela is on an ongoing fight to decriminalise cannabis in Malaysia?

Well, it seems like Malaysia is still stuck in its ways after a 29-year-old delivery man was sentenced to death by hanging after being found guilty for trafficking in 299.09 grammes of cannabis into the country three years ago.

Petition for Admission as an Advocate & Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya - Notification pertaining to dating of Borang 1 and Flowchart on the process for the filing of Admission
source: KL Bar Committee

At the High Court, Muhammad Hafizul Rashid Emmy broke down in tears when his sentence was read and he was found, beyond reasonable doubt, to be guilty of the charge.

Judge Datuk Collin Lawrence Sequerah stated, β€œAfter examining the testimony of witnesses and submissions by both parties, the court found that the defence failed to raise reasonable doubts on the prosecution’s case on possession of the dangerous drugs.

β€œThe defence also failed to rebut the…

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Written by: Ameera Rosli

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