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5 Ferocious Facts About Prime Video’s Malaysian Crime Thriller ‘Budak Flat’

today30 November 2023


Image via Prime Video.

Prime Video’s first Amazon Original film from Malaysia, Budak Flat has been making the rounds online, quickly becoming one of the platform’s biggest local hits.  

Inspired by a true-life encounter, director Eugene Lim, invites audiences into a fictional tale set within a residential complex wrestling with criminal challenges, pushing its residents into an unyielding struggle for survival. 

The story unfolds through the intertwined lives of two brothers, Aman (played by Zahiril Adzim), a reformed thief, and Riz (played by Pablo Amirul), a drug dealer. The brothers find themselves at odds as they grapple with the harsh realities that threaten to tear them apart.

Whether you’ve seen Budak Flat or are gearing up for a weekend watch, here are five facts about the movie and its creation. 

Real Life Inspiration

Picture courtesy of Eugene Lim.

Marking Eugene Lim’s directorial debut, Budak Flat was…

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Written by: Dale B

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