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5 Malaysian songs you need to know as a Malaysian.



As a Malaysian, you would definitely know that we are the flavour pot of musicians, Singers and Rappers who have made it huge in Malaysia and overseas. As a Malaysian you should know at least 5 of this Malaysian songs and the artist.


  1. “Terimalah hakikat” that Bil Musa’s single sejarah is one song that you will be able to relate and vibe too. The indie artist is signed to none other than Yuna’s Recording Company, Yuna Room Records. Bil Musa is known for her chilled and laid back songs, very much like her personality! Sejarah is my fav song of hers, one doesn’t have to strain their mind wondering what she means, but rather feel her impact subliminally.Related image
  2. It’s no secret that up and coming artist Nicholas Yungkit, commonly referred to as NYK is the next Singer to keep a loot out for! The 24 year old got signed to Sony Music label after one hit song, and you guessed it FWB! Without a doubt that song portrays Nicholas’s potential in this industry and laying the path for future singers. Related image
  3. One of the many reasons people love Airliftz is because he is unabashedly himself and above anything else he is a self-taught. A musician turned rapper and producer of his hits from his latest album Bagel! As a Malaysian you should know his hit song Appreciate. So creatively done and produced very much inclined to young adults who find him and his songs relatable! His expression in his songs is at least what makes me fan.Related image
  4. Only at the age of 22, Talitha has created and sung passionate music! Many of her songs are a fun mixture of Jazz and indie. In my opinion very much JoJo and Colbie Calait vibes. At that young age she is able to connect with her listeners, as they come from the same age group and it shows with her hit original songs, “Okay (feat. Darren Ashley)”, reached 1.3 million hits on Spotify! You go gurl!Related image
  5. Aman Ra Budak Flat was in my opinion an anthem for many Malaysians, as a Malaysian you at least have heard this song once. His authenticity shines through his music and without a doubt resonates with his fans. He is an artist that prioritises the truth in his songs and has no time for fake lyrics. Budak Flat has over 1 million views on Youtube, how crazy is that?!Image result for aman ra



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