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5 Reasons Why Your Workplace Should Ditch Zoom Meetings

today5 August 2021


Tired of group meetings yet? Zoom and Google meets getting too dry? That β€œLeave meeting” button looking a little too tempting?

WFH culture has pretty much taken over all workspaces in Malaysia and we’re all getting a little tired of the lack of work-life balance, especially when there are no home-office barriers. But fret not, JUICE has got you covered…

Here are 5 virtual spaces with video game design concepts to spice up your meetings and work life!

1. Gather Town

This 8-bit-aesthetic web conferencing software is designed to take you back to the days of Super Mario Bros and Space Invaders. And yes, you can actually play games on this platform.

It allows you to create custom themes for your virtual space, or simply choose one from their templates. Ranging from offices, schools, castles, islands, and more, Gather…

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Written by: Quinny Tan

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