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5th Generation Orang Asli Community Members Sell Handmade Leaf-Print Shirts After Facing Eviction

today17 September 2021


Source: TourMAB

As far as using natural materials and being resourceful goes, these guys know how to do it.

Jamilah is a 5th generation member of the Mah Meri orang asli community. She and her husband have started making shirts using leaves to print as designs on T-shirts to sell as tourism merchandise.

Source: @SyazanaAli Twitter

The Mah Meri are one of Malaysia’s 18 recognised indigenous ethnic groups, who arrived in the 15th century on the shores of Bukit Bangkong, where they have mostly remained.

There are now 4,200 Mah Meri in Malaysia, living along Selangor’s west coast from Sungai Pelek up to Pulau Carey.

Earlier in August, the Mah Meri indigenous community faced eviction for developments of a beach resort, and have been fighting for their land ever since.

Source: DreamsTime

The Mah Meri families residing in the coastal town of Bagan Lagang, in Selangor state, were given 30 days to clear the area, at their own cost or face legal…

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Written by: Quinny Tan

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