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69-Year-Old Harley Davidson Rider Has Been On The Road Without A License For Over 50 Years

today28 July 2022


69-year-old man arrested in Tokyo discovered to have been driving for 50 years without a license
Source: NextShark

Remember last month when we all rushed to the post office to renew our driverโ€™s licenses? Some of us found out that the expiry date had gone by a long time ago without even realising it.

But itโ€™s different for this guy. Japanese citizen Tatsuo Matsumoto has been on the road without a license for over 50 years. And no, it wasnโ€™t because he didnโ€™t renew it โ€“ he never had one in the first place.

According to Malay Mail, it all started in May 15 this year when he got himself into an accident in Tokyo. He probably guessed that reporting the accident to authorities would only cause more harm to him than good, so he fled the scene.

The driver of the victim wasnโ€™t injured, but the crash left an impressionable dent on the vehicle. The cost of repairing the damage went up to 400,000 yen…

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Written by: Quinny Tan