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Accused Of Fatphobia, Taylor Swift Edits Her Anti-Hero Video

today28 October 2022


It’s been a week since Taylor Swift’s latest album, β€˜Midnight’ was released. Its singleΒ Anti-Hero has gotten backlash from public after the word β€˜Fat’ appeared on the scale as many people deemed it as β€˜fatphobic’.Β 

Swifties noticed on Wednesday that a contentious scene in the Grammy-winning singer’s video from her tenth studio album, “Midnights,” that displayed the term “fat” on a scale has been removed from the Apple Music version. The YouTube version of the video had also been changed by Thursday morning.

There has been internet discussion about the sequence, which some have since dubbed as “anti-fat” since it implies that being overweight is a bad thing, leading to speculation about the rationale for the removal of those frames.

Taylor Swift’s experiences with disordered eating have garnered a lot of attention, and fans are defending her against criticism.

Famous actress, Whoopi Goldberg also has Taylor’s back on her morning episode.Β 

β€œHer supporters are pointing out how she has always been open about her struggle with her own eating disorders, and the video reflects what she sees, not what you see her seeing.”

Goldberg also dismissed all the critics and asked people to stop listening to her song if it offended them. She also highlighted the fact that Taylor Swift is an artist and writing songs is how she expresses her feelings.


(Written by Ferra)

*Cover image via Republic

Written by: Farah Qistina

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