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Activist Fahmi Reza To Be Charged Tomorrow BUT It’s Not Over The Viral ‘House of Balak’ Illustration

today9 February 2022


(source: FMT)

According to Malay Mail, artist-activist Fahmi Reza is expected to be charged at the Sessions Court on Thursday (10 Feb).

His lawyer Rajsurian Pillai confirmed yesterday (8 Feb) that the proceeding would be conducted at the Kuala Lumpur Courts Complex.

“I am allowed to disclose that the police called Fahmi to attend court to face charges this Thursday at 9am. Any other information will be released by my client,” he said.

However, while many assume that the charges will be over the infamous “House of Balak” artwork, JUICE has reached out to Fahmi who told us that it is regarding a whole other illustration. While Fahmi himself does not know which posts of his will be charged, the artist has narrowed it down to two illustrations and has been teasing his followers through his social media accounts.

Take a look:

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Written by: Karissa Lund

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