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Addressing An Influencer’s Viral Kaya Butter Toast Takedown

today19 May 2023



Just recently, OLDTOWN White Coffee found itself at the centre of a social media storm following an influencer’s critique of their Kaya Butter Toast. This occurred when Ernie Chen, a public figure and self-proclaimed “No 1 Business Coach” of Asia took to Facebook to detail how dissatisfied he was with the Kaya Butter Toast, the house specialty of OLDTOWN White Coffee.

Chen went so far as to refer to the dish as “No Brain Butter Kaya Toast”.

Concerns regarding the restaurant chain’s quality standards were raised in response to Chen’s widely circulated article. The piece examines the controversy’s specifics, assesses both parties’ answers, and illuminates the actions wrought to address customer satisfaction.

The Digital Critique

On May 9th, Chen declared his discontent on Facebook and Instagram, calling attention to the glaringly thin butter slices that were placed on his Kaya Butter…

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Written by: Lara Kramer