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Adidas & Tommy Cash Unveil Outlandish One-Meter Long Superstar Sneaker

today3 March 2021


(source: Twitter)

In what could be the most outlandish collaboration of all time,Β AdidasΒ has joined forces with Estonian rapperΒ Tommy CashΒ to create a meter-long Superstar sneaker.

According to NME, the post-Soviet rap sensation revealed the sneakers yesterday (2 March) through his Instagram page. The caption wrote, β€œWhen I said to adidas that I want to make the longest shoe in the world as our collab they were like β€˜wtf Tommy’. But five months later here we are”.

This collaboration is for Adidas Originals’ Superstar campaign which sees the sportswear brand working with a number of different musicians. Take a closer look:

(source: Twitter)

True to Cash’s eccentric nature, the striking design consists of two extremely long sneakers, one of which is black and the other white. The heel features a laser engraving of Cash’s autograph, while the insole features a Yin-Yang design.

β€œBoth the angel and the devil…

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Written by: Karissa Lund

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today3 March 2021