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African Swine Fever Detected In M’sian Farms Does Not Pose Threats On Humans

today14 April 2022


source: The Guardian

The African Swine Fever (ASF) was identified at a farm in Kampung Baru Tanah Merah Site A, Port Dickson, according to the Negeri Sembilan Veterinary Services Department (JPVNS) on Saturday (April 9).

Datuk Bakri Sawir, chairman of the State Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Committee, said the disease was discovered after samples were taken from two of the 275 pigs at the unlicensed farm yesterday.

source: Portal Rasmi Kerajaan Negeri Sembilan

According to him, JPVNS took aggressive efforts to shut off the area and enlist the help of police and JPVNS officers to increase monitoring within a 5km radius of the location to guarantee there was no livestock movement in and out.

He said they learned about the ailment on Thursday, and JPVNS obtained samples from the two animals. When the results arrived yesterday evening, they were confirmed to have a significant fever.

He also stated that they couldn’t get…

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Written by: Lara Lee