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Aliff Syukri Compares His “Unique Voice” To Michael Jackson’s… But Wak Doyok Strongly Disagrees

today7 April 2023


Last week, Malaysia’s very own king of controversy, Aliff Syukri, published an extremely flak-drawing teaser of his music video for this year’s Raya celebration via his Instagram page whereby he croons and dances alongside male dancers, all sporting sampins and tight skinsuits which netizens have compared to scuba diving gear.

The full music video was scheduled for release yesterday, but has been postponed due to a police report being lodged against him for fear that the content is offensive and demeaning to the holy month of Ramadan.

This time, Aliff responded to the criticism by posting a request for input on his flaws on Instagram, asking Malaysians to explain why he is continually singled out for condemnation. He asked his Malaysian audience to embrace him as the nation’s top singer, asserting with confidence that his voice is distinctive and likening it to the late pop singer Michael Jackson.

Watch the clip…

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Written by: Lara Kramer