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Anna Jobling Speaks Up Against Netizens Who Ridiculed Her Mother’s Appearance

today7 October 2022


In a world that prioritises aesthetic value and constantly pushes Eurocentric beauty standards, it’s no surprise that mindless, appearance-related remarks are often passed with minimal regard- particularly on social media.

A recent instance aroused the anger of local actress Anna Jobling, who was born to a British father and Malaysian mother, as she was faced with mean comments left under a TikTok post with a series of images showing Anna posing next to her mother.

@bobbaskyy2 mother is everything #annajobling ♬ THE SHADE – Rex Orange County

A substantial amount of netizens quipped that Anna’s mother looked more like her maid, and voiced disbelief that β€œa woman like that could marry such a handsome man.”

Some even went so far as to say she must have been adopted.

In response to that, Anna remarked in an interview with Xtra, β€œWhy would you treat someone’s mother with such disrespect? You disrespected my…

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Written by: Lara Lee