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Antivaxxers Say Man Died In Mamak Due To Booster Shot, Wife Debunks Claims To Stop Fake News

today20 January 2022


HAMSAN meninggal dunia ketika bersarapan di sebuah restoran di Bukit Sentosa, Rawang, hari ini. FOTO Ihsan Pembaca
Source: Harian Metro

As more Malaysians are now getting their booster shots, antivaxxers have increased the amount of fake news that they spread.

Many have even resorted to paying huge amounts of money to alter their MySejahtera vaccination status.

A Facebook post of an unconscious man at a mamak recently garnered plenty of attention after an antivaxxer had claimed that the man had passed away due to his booster shot.

The post reads, β€œThere is a man who has passed away at Restoran Salam Sentosa, Bukit Sentosa, Rawang whilst having breakfast. Apparently he has heart disease and just had his booster shot.”


The post had unfortunately attracted the attention of other antivaxxers who expressed their beliefs in the comments section.

One user said, β€œHow many more of the rakyat will have to be lab rats.”

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A man claiming to be a cousin of the deceased went on to comment on the post. β€œThe deceased has a history of heart…

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Written by: Quinny Tan

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