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Are You Stressed? KL Ranked 3rd Most Overworked City in The World, While S’pore Ranked 1st For WFH

today27 May 2022


KL Ranks 4th Most Overworked City In Global Survey

Malaysia is known for many things, and we’ve had a few rankings on various lists – good and bad. But now we can add another to that list.

A recent study published by Bloomberg shows that KL is the third most overworked city behind Dubai and Hong Kong. That’s no. 3 out of 100 cities! If only it was always so easy to rank third in class just by studying.

List Overworked

The annual study by mobile access technology company Kisi assessed cities around the world for work-life balance based on 3 factors – work intensity, city live-ability and social services.

The third factor includes quality health care, affordable cost-of-living and ample time off.

According to the study, a city that is overworked does not automatically mean that it has no work-life balance.

How To Improve Work-Life Balance In A Workaholic Culture - Insperity

If there is sufficient accessible services that can care for (health care), entertain and make people happy, the city may have a good work-life balance despite working a…

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Written by: Quinny Tan

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