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Meet The 3 Remarkable Malaysians Who Were Just Named ‘Women Of The Future’

Out of 48 finalists, photographer Annice Teo Ann Lyn, research scientist Dr Bee Lynn Chew, and non-governmental organisation (NGO) co-founder Heidy Quah were awarded for their work in the Arts, Sciences, and within local refugee communities.Founded in 2006 by Pinky Lilani, the Women of the Future AwardsΒ was established to provide a platform for female talent in the UK.Β In 2018, the... Click here to read the full article. Source:

today9 September 2020

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6 Local Online Stores That Upcycle Everyday Items Into Fashionable Clothes & Accessories

If you're looking for a 'new' tote, H A S H A D I is just the store for you.Β Harrith Hasmadi was cleaning his room when he realised he had accumulated a pile of unused clothes.Β That was when he began working together with his friend Abdul Muhaimin, a fashion student, to repurpose old T-shirts, trousers, batiks, and skirts into colourful tote bags, pouches, lunch bags and even custom... Click here […]

today21 August 2020

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School In Kedah Ordered To Close After A Teacher And 3 Students Test Positive For COVID-19

On 4 August, Education Minister Dr Mohd Radzi Md Jidin told the Dewan Rakyat this after he was asked whether MOE plans to close schools in red zones, such as Kuching, Sarawak.With this in mind, the Kedah state Disaster Management Committee closed five schools in the area for almost a month, starting from 2 August.Bernama reported the Minister as saying, "Each case is different, as in... Click here to read […]

today19 August 2020

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This Rare Blue Green Tree Python Costs RM1.8 Million

Popular among pet owners for its largely docile nature, particular varieties of green tree pythons are endangered as a result of being sold as food and for their skin - a compoundable endeavour.ο»ΏIn spite of this, the International Union for Conservation of Nature has categorised the reptile species as being of the 'least concern' in terms of endangerment. So if you happen to... Click here to read the full article. […]

today18 August 2020

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[QUIZ] Only A True ‘Sejarah’ Whiz Could Get 10/10 On This Hari Kebangsaan Quiz

Do you remember celebrating Hari Kebangsaan in primary school? I'll always have fond memories of lining up during that one specialΒ perhimpunanΒ where we'd sing our hearts out to patriotic songs while waving hand-drawn Jalur Gemilang. And every year without fail, my drawing would end up looking something like this: Image via Submerryn ... Click here to read the full article. Source:

today17 August 2020

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Beware, Drivers! You Will Now Have To Go To Court If Caught Using Your Phone While Driving

On 8 August, the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) released a statement on their Facebook affirming that phone usage in vehicles is considered a non-compoundable offence.Β  Offences of this nature will require you to attend a court hearing. Overloading passengers in a vehicle and using the emergency lane without a valid reason are also examples of non-compoundable traffic... Click here to read the full article. Source:

today14 August 2020

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Muji Japan Has An Adorable Mobile Bus Service And We 100% Need It Here

Minimalistic. Practical. Calming.These are all reasons why I love Muji. Image via Muji And just when you thought that's all there is to this homeware store, they went ahead and surprised us with their latest endeavour.Meet Muji to GO - a repurposed tourist bus decked out with over 300 products! Originally owned by public... Click here to read the full article. Source:

today14 August 2020

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This Malaysian Went Viral After He Turned His Quarantine Meals Into Gourmet Ones

Whether it's gardening, room makeovers, or cooking, many of us have picked up new hobbies while under the different Movement Control Orders Image via GIPHY One man in particular has gone viral for making the most out of his simple meals while under quarantine Terry K, or also known as TerryCooks, returned to Malaysia from Australia... Click here to read the full article. Source:

today13 August 2020

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Fraser’s Hill Development Project Given The Green Light Despite Environmental Concerns

A birdwatcher's paradise, the lush hill stands to lose its biodiversity as a result of the impeding construction.Dubbed the 'Little England of Malaysia', Fraser's Hill is one of the last remaining hill stations in the country, well-known for its pleasant cool weather and wildlife.According to WWF, Fraser's Hill is home to 275 bird, 52 mammal, 27 reptile, and 26 amphibian species.

today10 August 2020