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Beehive Growing From Lord Murugan Statue At Batu Caves Temple Causes Dispute Among Netizens

today18 July 2022


source: The Star

The Batu Caves temple located in Gombak is one of the most important and sacred religious sites in the world, with multiple shrines dedicated to Hindu deities built entirely on a 400-million year old limestone hill.

Despite its astounding structure and sanctity, the focal point of the temple is the 42.7 metre (140 ft) statue of Lord Murugan, made from 350 tonnes of steel bars, 1550 cubic metres of concrete and 300 litres of gold paint. Devotee or not, visitors cannot help but stand in awe of the Lord’s mighty stance.

Image via TikTok

However, as of late April this year, netizens noticed a strange development in the statue. At first, an oval-shaped, dark clump began forming below the Lord’s hand, resembling a stone or simply an overgrowth of mould.

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Written by: Lara Lee

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