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Blaring Ambulance Forcefully Stopped by Prime Minister’s Convoy to “Avoid Risk of Crash”

today8 March 2022


(source: FB)

Every second counts when it comes to saving lives. Recently, the Inforoadblock Facebook page shared a video, which is believed to be dashcam footage from a private ambulance.

The admin then wrote in the caption, “Dashcam footage from a private ambulance has gone viral after it was asked to stop to give way to a VVVIP convoy”.

In the clip, all the cars that were stopped by the traffic police dedicated to the convoy could be seen moving to the side to allow the ambulance through to the front of the line. The traffic police could then be seen stopping the ambulance while looking out for the convoy coming from the flyover.

This has since caused backlash among netizens who are calling out VIPs for treating people’s lives like they are lesser than their own.

According to NST, Johor Baru Utara police chief Assistant Commissioner Rupiah Abd Wahid had come out with a statement today (8 March) defending the…

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Written by: Karissa Lund

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