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Cabinet To Revise 3 Acts To Let Transport Ministry & Agencies Regulate Food Delivery Services

today9 August 2022


source: The Star

The Cabinet has concurred to modify three Acts to offer the Transport Ministry and its agencies authority over food delivery services, with the bills anticipated to be introduced in Parliament during the October session, according to Transport Minister Wee Ka Siong.

Among them are the Road Transport Act of 1987, the Commercial Vehicles Licensing Board Act of 1987, and the Land Public Transport Act of 2010.

source: Twitter

As per Wee, the changes are β€œfor the purposes of guidance and establishing regulations.”

He continuedΒ by asserting that the changes will also make it a requirement for p-hailing drivers to acquire a Goods Driving Licence.

β€œAside from that, p-hailing riders with GDL will be provided driving lessons due to allegations that they do not follow road laws. We will recognise who is working in the p-hailing service and their behaviour patterns via GDL,” he said, according to BFM.

Wee also…

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Written by: Lara Lee