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Can You Guess What Was Malaysia’s Most Stolen Car Of 2021 & The Past 11 Years?

today20 January 2023


source: Piston

In April 2021, reports found that one vehicle was stolen every 75 minutes in Malaysia. The Vehicle Theft Reduction Council of Malaysia also claimed that 20 vehicles were stolen per day in 2020.

If you thought no one kept track of the specifics such as the brand and make of these cars, we’re here to prove you wrong; because reports clearly say that among these, the most commonly stolen vehicle was the Proton Wira!

source: AutoBuzz

This doesn’t only apply to the year 2021 either! Apparently, the car actually graced the title for 11 consecutive years. We don’t know if this means high demand or poor security but either way, car owners and dealers better take note.

The Star states that although production ceased in 2009, there remains a good number of Wira vehicles on the road, and it is believed that that thieves frequently target the vehicle to stockpile their supply of Wira replacement parts.


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Written by: Lara Kramer