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China’s Primary School Textbook Investigated for Racist and Sexually Provocative Illustrations

today31 May 2022


After a public outcry over drawings considered ugly, sexually provocative, and covertly pro-American in China’s school textbooks, the government has ordered countrywide investigations.

Controversial for a variety of reasons, these illustrations have appeared in Chinese math textbooks for over a decade.

Spurred on by complaints from Chinese internet users that the images of youngsters with tiny, drooping, wide-set eyes and large foreheads are hideous, unpleasant, and racist in nature, officials also vowed to look into the drawings that some have seen as containing sexual implications.

One artwork depicts a female jumping rope as her underwear is visible; another shows a guy with his hands on a girl’s chest while another tugs on her skirt; in all three examples, the girls are shown in a sexually explicit manner.

Others claim that these images are “pro-American,” citing the children’s clothing, which has stars and…

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Written by: Aqasha Aiman