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Cikgu Fadli Voices Disapproval Towards Standard 3 Syllabus Quizzing Kids On Foreign Exchange Rates

today2 November 2022


source: The Star

Parents, teachers and students have long been in discussion of an appropriate syllabus for students, mostly according to age and relevance.

A recent case saw Cikgu Fadli Salleh, a local educator, expressing concern towards one particular question he encountered in a Standard 3 workbook, where students are asked to convert RM1 to multiple other forms of Asian currency such as Vietnam dong and Singapore dollars.

β€œCan you guess which grade is meant to complete this exercise? It’s for Standard 3 students, gentlemen. A 9-year-old child is expected to learn how to exchange foreign currency accurately. They would need to prepare a piece of paper, have a phone next to them, and know what the current rate of exchange is for the Ringgit against the Cambodian riel, or against the VietnameseΒ Dong,” he wrote.

Some argue that it is crucial to offer this lesson because many youngsters will probably travel with their…

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Written by: Lara Kramer

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