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Cinemas Announce They Are “Ready To Operate” For Fully Vaccinated Individuals

today6 September 2021


Source: Cinema Online

Remember when we used to watch movies in actual theatres?

After such a long period of closure, cinema operators have finally announced that they are now ready to resume operations on the condition that only fully vaccinated individuals are allowed to enter.

Having been closed for more than a year since March 2020 with losses of more than RM600mil, cinemas are now in a dire situation, unlike other F&B and retail businesses that were still able to operate during the lockdowns by providing food and products through home delivery services.

“Our nation’s economy and mental health is in crisis and the prolonged closures affects not only livelihoods and businesses, but also the wellbeing of all Malaysians,” said MAFE secretary Sisubalan Ehambaram.

“If recreation and leisure activities can provide fully vaccinated individuals a brief respite, cinemas too can do the same safely and securely, as our stringent SOPs with…

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Written by: Quinny Tan

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