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Critically-Acclaimed Local Film, ‘Mentega Terbang’ Will Be Available To Stream on Viu This Month

today12 January 2023


JUICE is extremely pleased to announce that our favourite breakout local film of last year, Mentega Terbang, will be available for the general public to stream on Viu starting January 19 2023.

To refresh your memory, JUICE received the honour of attending a private screening of the film last year and we were wowed by the sheer quality and impact the film had on its audience.

We wrote a glowing review of the film as well as interviewed the wonderful people behind it.

For those who have not read our review or seen the film, Mentega Terbang follows a 16-year-old Malay-Muslim girl, who is deeply interested in mortality and the afterlife due to her dying mother.

The film discusses faith and religion at length while sparking debates on the evergreen question: What happens after we die?

Despite discussing heavy topics in the film, Mentega Terbang manages to approach this daunting feat with grace and masterful storytelling that…

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Written by: Ameera Rosli