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Discovery Of Two-Headed Turtle Hatchling In Terengganu Gains National Attention

today6 September 2022


While being two-faced is mostly frowned upon within the general public, netizens can’t seem to contain their amazement towards the birth of a dicephalic, or two-headed green sea turtle that took place last Tuesday (August 30).

The miracle occurrence was announced on the Lang Tengah Turtle Watch Facebook page, along with almost-unbelievable photos of the tiny reptile.

According to the page, a majority of these rare instances were usually non-viable ones. Almost all cases entailing the birth of two-headed animals saw them living for much shorter periods compared to normal animals of their kind. LTTW site manager Abidah Zaaba also told the Star that at the start, when the team first noticed the hatchling pushing through the sand during a post-emergence inspection at the Tanjong Jara Resort project site, the team assumed that it was a normal turtle.

She asserted that the nest housed 110 eggs, and a post-emergence evaluation…

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Written by: Lara Lee

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