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“Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves” is an Entertaining Fest

today21 March 2023


Maybe you used to sit in front of the Dungeons and Dragons board game, rolling the dice and hoping to win. Or maybe you’ve never even heard of the tabletop game designed by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson. Regardless, this fantasy comedy film will surely enchant you and convert you into a fan!


Starring an ensemble cast of Chris Pine, Hugh Grant, and rising young stars Sophia Lillis and Justice Smith – oh, and not to forget, Bridgerton heartthrob Regé-Jean Page – this hilarious film takes on an adventure in a quest to bring back a loved one, and to fix wrongs of the past. 

Image via Paramount Pictures

Pine, notably known for his roles in The Princess Diaries, Star Trek, Wonder Woman and most recently Don’t Worry Darling, toes the line between being a troubled father burdened by guilt and a charming, funny bard who puts together a team to help him on his quest to turn his life around really well. Playing Edgin, he is both charismatic and a hopeless failure at the same time, and despite his many flaws, you can’t help but to root for him. 

Next, enter Michelle Rodriguez as Holga, a gruff barbarian on the outside but a total softie on the inside. She shows how much she truly cares for those around her, taking pity on Edgin and helps to raise Edgin’s daughter Kira as her own. 

Image via Paramount Pictures

Sophia Lillis and Justice Smith also join the witty cast, flexing their acting chops based on pure imagination since most of their scenes are full of AI-generated background and monsters. Regé-Jean Page makes for a pretty short appearance (fans who are crowding solely to watch his performance be warned) but boy, does he steal the show when he’s onscreen!

The heart of the film lies in each characters’ motives and intentions, and the bond that ties them together. This is a perfect, lighthearted comedy for a family movie outing so be sure to get your tickets!


*Cover image via Paramount Pictures 

Written by: Farah Qistina