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Embarking on an Epic Road Trip, Two M’sian Besties Will Be Driving a Kancil From Perlis to China!

today20 December 2022


(source: Utusan)

Most of us dream about visiting faraway places once in a while, especially within the last few years when we had to limit our overseas travelling. This feeling is so familiar that we have a special word for it – wanderlust. It represents that urge to break from everyday life and experience something new and unknown.

While we could just fly off for a typical holiday, these two Malaysian men decided to embark on an epic road trip by driving from Perlis, Malaysia to CHINA – yes, you read that right. And for the cherry on the top, the duo will be doing it by driving a Perodua Kancil!

According to Utusan, best friends Rushafizi Indrus and Nor Azman Musa will be starting their journey today (20 Dec) from the border gate of Wang Kelian in Perlis towards Thailand and Laos.

“This trip is the brainchild of my own idea as I once travelled to Laos riding a low-powered motorcycle in 2015. So this time I want to try…

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Written by: Karissa Lund

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