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Event Organisation Defends Controversial Thai Festival

today1 December 2023


(source: Facebook)

The Arts, Live Festival, and Events Association (ALIFE Malaysia), recently issued a statement expressing its joy in celebrating the vibrant variety of multicultural events and concerts in Kelantan, adding that the organisation believes that these gatherings play a crucial role in promoting understanding among diverse cultures and religions.

Its statement comes in the wake of a recent controversial festival held in Bachok, where a Thai performer was chastised on social media for wearing a revealing outfit during the event.

(source: Facebook)

Despite showing support to the festival that paid homage to the Goddess of Water and Buddha, the organisation still emphasised that any state or international performers must undergo the PUSPAL application process, which ensures that artistes are aware of and comply with guidelines set by the federal government.

According to ALIFE Malaysia, the Loy Krathong Festival in…

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Written by: Aqasha Nur’aiman

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