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Ever wondered what songs have food in them ?



Hafiz and Guibo have just released their next parody and it’s called Pizza or Roti a humorous spinoff on ‘I Love it’ by Lil Pump, Kanye West and Adele Givens. Hafiz and Guibo have proved relentlessly that when it comes to Pizza and Roti there is no way you will be able to pick between the two! With Roti’s crunchy exterior and Pizza’s gooey cheese, how could you choose between the both right?  With that being said, it got me wondering if there are any songs that have the element of food in them. Scroll down to find out which songs do!

1. ‘Birthday cake’ by Rihanna is one song that Riri sang, about well, it’s her birthday and she has cake to eat! One of the many songs that did not reach its fame but is still one of the best from Riri.

Image result for birthday cake rihanna gif2. I have never been hungry when it comes to listening to a song but ‘Bon Appetit’ by Katy Perry has got my tummy rumbling. Maybe because the word ‘Bon Appetit’ means good appetite. Will be playing these song while I eat my next meal.

Related image3. “My Milkshakes brings all the boys to my yard”! Is a classic by Kelis. A song anyone could dance too and sip their milkshakes. And there is no way you are able to say that sentence without actually singing the song!

Image result for kelis milkshake4.I am always caught with my hands in the cookie jar! And the only song perfect for all my cookie monsters is the one by Gym Class Heroes, ‘Cookie Jar’. The song debut in 2008 and its still one of my favorites.

Image result for cookie jar gym class heroes gif

5. For all my sweet tooth’s out there, Sugar by none other than Maroon 5 is the right song for you! Think about it, he is basically singing about a song of how love is sweet. So grab a bite of the love of your life, that sugary doughnut because that love is Sugar!


Image result for sugar maroon 5 gif



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