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[EXCLUSIVE] Bunkface’s ’15 Years Of Korang’ Concert Sees 10,000 Fans Shutdown Zepp KL

today2 August 2022


Malam itu kita punya!

Local punk rock superstars Bunkface smashed the house over the weekend, reuniting their fans with a two-night concert.

Zepp Kuala Lumpur saw fans from all over the country (even overseas!) crowd the venue, eager to experience their favourite punk rock band perform.

It was definitely a memorable night for those that grew up listening to Bunkface. The group performed their greatest hits, such as Extravaganza, Silly Lilly, Malam Ini Kita Punya, Situasi, and ended the night with Revolusi.



Bunkface ends their concert performing Revolusi as confetti falls over the crowd.


They called the show “15 Years of Korang”, which means “15 years of you guys” as a means to say that they would not be performing that night if it wasn’t for their loyal fans that support their music even during tough times (in reference to the two year Movement Control Order).

The crowd was surprisingly “polite”, with not much moshing being seen in any areas of the concert hall. Usually during any rock or metal concert, you’d gear up for mosh pits (or avoid those specific areas if you’re not into it) but Zepp saw a well-behaved set of fans on that Sunday night.

Also, for those of you are alien to “moshing” or “mosh pits”, it’s basically an area (usually) in front of the stage where very physical and rough dancing takes place at a rock concert.

Nevertheless, fans were in for a special night as Sam Bunkface (real name Shamsul Annuar) brought out his son, Idris, to have the crowd sing happy birthday. How wholesome!



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Reaching the end of the show, Sam emphasized how the group is planning to do a tour around Malaysia (hopefully if they manage to get consent) and release a new album. Exciting stuff for you Bunkers!

We hope that last weekend’s shows were a sparkle to reignite Bunkface as a band and get fans hyped up for bigger and better things to follow. Big stuff is coming up in the local arts scene. Trust!

Written by: Mifzal Malik

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