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Fahmi Reza is Selling His ‘Monyet Istana’ Artwork as NFT But Will Not Take a Single Cent From It

today25 April 2022


(source: @kuasasiswa Twitter)

ICYMI, satirical artist Fahmi Reza was arrested once again by the police after uploading an artwork, showing Powerpuff Girls’ Mojo Jojo in clothes resembling royal garments, which is believed to be a parody response to the news of the Sultan of Selangor purchasing a painting that depicts MPs as monkeys, apes and frogs.

Following his arrest, he revealed that he has since been blacklisted and banned from travelling abroad.

(source: @kuasasiswa Twitter)

Since then, Fahmi announced on Twitter that he is determined to promote his paintings as an NFT to boost funds to assist others in similar situations to get legal aid.

The NFT paintings titled ‘Monyet Istana’ (Palace Monkey) shall be bought for 0.05 BNB, with all of the proceeds going to the Freedom of Expression Authorised Defence Fund.

The authorised fund will assist fellow Malaysians who’re investigated and prosecuted for…

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Written by: Karissa Lund

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